Spanner Temporary Prostatic Stent

The Spanner stent is an indwelling, replaceable proximal ureteral stent for patients with severe urethral stricture that is refractory to other conventional treatments. The stent portion of the Spanner prevents collapse of the prostatic urethra and allows urine to drain from the bladder. The Spanner is held in position by a balloon in the bladder and by a soft anchor in the urethra. The insertion/removal process is similar to that of a urethral catheter and requires only topical anesthesia. A temporary prostatic stent may be inserted or removed in the physician’s office.

The Spanner is designed to facilitate urination for up to 30 days following minimally invasive treatment for prostate enlargement, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Following these treatments, the prostate swells temporarily increasing obstruction requiring short-term catheterization (3-10 days). Following catheter removal the obstructive swelling may continue or worsen. The Spanner supports the prostatic urethra during the recovery period following removal of the initial catheter while allowing the patient to urinate normally.