BonAlive Granules

According to the vendor, BonAlive is a synthetic, osteoconductive, osteostimulative, silica-based bone graft substitute that is used for bone cavity filling in orthopaedic and cranio- maxillofacial surgery including jaw surgery. Note that it is non-osteoinductive. BonAlive bonds firmly to bone, and promotes new bone formation while it naturally inhibits bacterial growth.

BonAlive is a type of bioactive glass (bioglass). Bioglass is packaged in various formulations for different uses, including PerioGlas for dental and periodontal applications, NovaBone-C/M for cranial and maxillofacial surgery, and NovaBone for general orthopedic applications. Orthopedic applications include treating bone gaps, defects, and fractures in the extremities and for spinal fusion procedures. The latter spinal fusion procedures comprise the vast majority of potential applications. It may also be used in primary or revision hip and knee arthroplasty procedures and non-union fractures. Provided in powder form, it may be reformulated by mixing with a patient’s own blood or bone marrow. The mixture is then gently packed into the void where bone growth is desired. As a bone graft extender, it may be mixed with autologous bone graft material or potentially with various other allogeneic graft materials or other bone graft substitutes.